Cat at Home When You're Not Home

Cat at Home When You're Not Home


Cat at Home When You're Not Home

Have you ever wondered what your feline friend gets up to when you're away from home for the day? Let's take a peek into the mysterious solo life of housecats and the fun they have!



Sleep, Glorious Sleep

It's no secret that cats spend a huge portion of their days snoozing. When home alone, your kitty will take every opportunity to catnap in their favorite cozy spots around the house.


Maybe they'll curl up in that sunny patch on the couch for maximum warmth and views of the outdoors. Or perhaps they prefer stealing your spot among the fresh sheets on the bed. Whichever napping locale they choose, you can count on coming home to a very well-rested cat.


Furry Redecorators

With no humans around, cats love to "redecorate" and rearrange household objects for their own amusement. You may find magazines shredded, knickknacks batted under furniture, and pillows knocked to the floor.


Bell of Gold Leather Cat Collars Put a bell on their collar to keep tabs on your mischievous redecorator! Check out PetCustomi's cat collar collection for more stylish, functional options like the Soft Leather Buckle Cat Collar.


Kitty Parkour

When a burst of energy hits, cats will chase, pounce, and run laps around rooms and furniture in a frenzied display. This "zoomies" behavior helps them release stored up energy from napping.


The zoomies tend to strike most during dawn and dusk hours. But really, cats can turn into furry pinballs at any moment when nobody's watching!


Window Entertainment

One of a cat's favorite home alone pastimes is birdwatching and surveying the outdoors through windows and glass doors. It's prime entertainment!


They'll carefully watch birds, squirrels, neighbors passing by, and any other action happening outside. Make sure to provide them a window perch or two.


Playing Predator

Cats have strong innate hunting instincts that come out when home alone. Dive-bombing wand toys, stalking catnip mice, and ambushing fuzzy balls helps them flex those predatory skills.


You may find their "kills" stashed around the house when you return. Errant socks, paper bags, and other household objects make perfect prey!


Grooming & Scratching

With peace and quiet, cats will take time to lick themselves clean during grooming sessions when home alone. Look for tufts of shed fur around, evidence of an extended self-care routine.


They'll also scratch up posts, trees, and pads to remove dead outer claw sheaths and satisfy the need to stretch, scratch, and mark territory.


Extra Clawing Measures

If your solo cat is clawing up furniture, try scratching posts and toys wrapped in sisal or corrugated cardboard from PetCustomi. These give them approved scratching outlets.



Listening for Your Return

As the time draws near for your arrival back home, your cat will perk up their ears and listen intently for the first sounds of you approaching.


Maybe it's your car pulling into the driveway, or your keys jingling at the front door. As soon as they hear you, excited meows and purrs signal your cat's joy at being reunited and getting to share their crazy solo adventures!


The Mysterious Secrets

Of course, we'll never truly know everything our cats got up to while unsupervised during the day. Cats are naturally secretive creatures who won't fully divulge the juicy details of their alone time antics.


That mischievous glint in their eyes upon our return hints that they have a whole separate secret solo life that will forever remain a mystery!


Must-Have Cat Home Alone Supplies

To keep your cat happy and entertained in your absence, outfit their space with key supplies:


Durable Scratching Posts Bird Feeder Window Views Hidey Holes & Perches Interactive Wand Toys Plentiful Food & Water Clean Litter Boxes Safe Collars (No Getting Stuck!) Smooth Calfskin Leather Dog Collar PetCustomi's Smooth Calfskin Leather Dog Collar allows for safe adjustable fit as your pup grows.


Avoiding Alone Time Issues

Most cats do just fine home alone for reasonable periods. But leaving them alone for over 24 hours at a time can lead to issues like:


Inappropriate Elimination Excessive Vocalization Over-Grooming or Fur Pulling Destructive Behavior To avoid these problems, have a friend, family member, or pet sitter stop by once or twice a day to provide companionship and care.


Don't Forget Collar ID!

Before leaving your cat home alone, make sure they're wearing an ID collar with your contact info just in case they manage to slip out.


PetCustomi offers engravable pet ID tags to keep your kitty properly identified.

Pet ID Tag with Engraving

The Joys of Cat Ownership

While the unsupervised solo life of housecats remains cloaked in mystery, that's all part of the fun and charm of cat ownership! We may never truly know the hilarious antics they get up to from day to day.


One thing's for sure - coming home to your feline friend will always be filled with curiosity, amusement, and lots of snuggles and purrs once you're reunited. That's the unique joy of our special bonds with cats.

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