Why did we start?

About Petcustomi

Our journey started with a deep love for dogs and a passion for offering them top-quality products. Whether you have a poodle, bulldog, retriever, or sphynx cat, each pet is as unique as the stars in your heart. That's why we're committed to crafting one-of-a-kind collars that showcase the personality of every furry friend.

Our Unique Collar Concept

Embracing Growth and Love

Our brand concept embraces the idea that during our pet is using collars, it may show signs of wear and tear over time, but we see these marks as symbols of growth and love.

Unique Pet Products

Every Bond at Petcustomi

Pets have a unique way of making us feel cherished, and at Petcustomi, we value that connection. They teach us unconditional love, and their innocence reminds us of the pure joy of companionship. We believe that every pet and their owner radiate a special light when together, and our goal is to craft something truly unique to celebrate that bond.

Supporting Shelter Dogs with Every Purchase

At our store, every order makes a difference. For each purchase, we donate one pound of food to rescue shelters across the United States. Thank you for helping us support these deserving animals!

British Shorthair cat with blue eyes wearing a blue Leather Removable Pet Bowtie

where is our product from

Crafting Quality and Style for Pet

We're proud to partner with a local, small-scale leather studio. This decision allows us to closely monitor both the quality and style of our products. By collaborating with these artisans, we ensure that each item meets our standards of excellence while supporting our community's craftsmanship.

Premium Comfort and Quality

Our products are made from premium leather, ensuring superior quality. We prioritize your pet's comfort above all else, selecting materials gentle on their skin and plant dye for coloring. Unlike mass-produced items, our collars are crafted with care and attention to detail, making each one as special as your pet

Building a Community

We're more than just a pet company - we're a community. We're passionate about bringing people together and celebrating the special bond between pets and their owners. We invite you to join us on this journey and become part of the PetCustomi family.